Supported by experienced consultants in the fields of plant construction, infrastructure projects and M & A, Cyrasol Capital selectively hand-picks investment projects for potential buyers or cooperates with sellers for a successful transaction.

Identified projects are assessed with a thorough DD process and an analysis of the current market environment by Cyrasol Capital. At the same time, whether an asset- or a share deal, the value of the investment is evaluated and it is assured that a subsequent sales process is taking place without any economic hurdles and with a short processing time.

With regards to the evaluation of technically complex projects, each project is undergoing a technical project DD, which is the basis for a robust risk analysis, that allows the project to be judged according investment classes. State-of-the-art tools and properly managed data rooms support the process and make the relevant data for the transaction comprehensible and accessible to the parties involved in the transaction.

All investment and participation forms, from partnering models to venture capital, are explored, analysed in a project-specific manner and developed for the transaction.