Cyrasol Capital GmbH initiates projects in the field of "Sustainable Ventures". The company is concentrating on "Renewable Energies" as major transformation area for sustainable business.

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After completing his legal education with law studies at the Universities of Berlin and his legal clerkship at the regional district court of Braunschweig, RA Tobias Voigt worked as a legal counsel for IPM and Bureau Veritas S.A., where he also headed the corporate risk management for central Europe. In 2006, he founded a successful consultancy of contract and project management, mainly active in landmark infrastructure and energy projects worldwide. This was complemented by a law firm based in Hamburg. To date, RA Tobias Voigt especially advises international corporations on renewable energy and mobility projects.


RA Tobias Voigt


Through its comprehensive investor and economic network, Cyrasol Capital can react quickly on current industry and investment trends for providing optimized projects. Having excellent expertise in process engineering, but also in project management and financing, Cyrasol Capital is setting the direction for successful investment projects.

Supported by experienced consultants in the fields of plant construction, infrastructure projects and M & A, Cyrasol Capital selectively hand-picks investment projects for potential buyers or cooperates with sellers for a successful transaction.

Whether investor or owner of a development or existing project, Cyrasol Capital fulfils the interface function to the market and paves the way for a successful transaction.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy projects offer two benefits: a decent IRR and a positive impact on sustainablility on our planet, contributed by the investor. Cyrasol Capital has extesive experience in developing and implementing investment classes and products that generate green electricity to fight climate change, but also benefitting personal or instituational growth strategies.

Energy Storage

Storing excess energy for the time when needed, this can help solving current problems in grid expansion. Cyrasol Capital closely followed developments in battery technology for large scale infrastructure projects over the recent years and offers first hand investment opportunities, taking advantage of the German grid development plan.